Monday, July 6, 2009

World's Worst Updater!!

Hey everyone!! World's worst updater finally updating!! LoL!!

We've been busy little bees for the last couple of weeks with the house.. and here's what's gone down since handover...

I took a week of annual leave about 2 weeks ago so we could get our floor laid, but just our luck, the Friday before my week off, our flooring dude rang and told us that when he rang his supplier to place the order for the wood, they were OUT OF STOCK!! It was going to take two weeks for them to get our order down to Melbourne!! BOOOO!!

So!! Today, three weeks later, our flooring finally arrives!! Our flooring dude rang my partner and said he'd take some of the wood and start laying right away as we have our appliances booked in to be installed on Thursday! Hopefully he'll at least get the kitchen done by then and then he can take his time to finish the rest of the house. Finally the last piece of the puzzle is being put in place.

So.. during my week off, the fencing guys came and put up our side gate and finished the fencing. Lookin pretty good. Got some quotes for the blinds, and got our driveway done!! YAY!! We decided on a light coloured exposed aggregate called Sorrento Bianco. I think it really sets off the house.. especially with our off-white mortar. We also got to do some feature walls, before the flooring gets put down so we dont stain the wood.

So.. without further ado.. PICS!!!!

During the laying of the driveway. We also had a path made to go around the side of the house round to the side gate and into the back.

Ta-da! The finished product!!

Close up of our aggregate in Sorrento Bianco.

Our two feature walls:

This is in the living area, it's painted with Dulux River Rock in Diggers Crossing.

This is in the master bedroom done with Dulux Designer Silk in Sultry Glance. I have to say, having the red in the bedroom is one of the boldest colour decisions I've ever made! And I LIKE it!!

So that's what's been happening in the last couple of weeks. Will get more pics when the floors are done!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am going to do a driveway as well. May I know how much square metre you paved and how much it cost? Cheers, Vicky

Cozmo said...

The drive and feature walls look great guys. Hope you are enjoying your new home!!!

I hope the weather stays fine so you can plant your garden.

Cheers for now


Vincent said...

I like your driveway. May I ask how much it costs? Thanks.